Tree Trimming

Keeping our community safe.

It is important for everyone to play a part in ensuring safety in the Lakeland Power communities. Refer to the following Guidelines from the Electrical Safety Authority when it comes to tree trimming and planting. By working together, Lakeland Power is striving to ensure a safe reliable supply of electricity to our customers. If you have any questions, please contact Lakeland Power at 1-888-282-7711.

Annual Tree Trimming Schedules

2023 Lakeland Power Zone 5 Tree Trimming
Bracebridge and Burk’s Falls

Lakeland Power will be conducting tree trimming in Zone 5

As part of our annual tree trimming program your area will be visited to trim trees that could contact power lines causing an electrical system supply interruption. Please be advised that for public safety and system supply reliability, Lakeland Power has consulted a qualified contractor to remove the limbs or trees around Lakeland’s electrical lines.